• Aasra Welfare Society Bathinda

Who We Are

Aasra Welfare Society has been working since 19th Oct, 2001 for the welfare of Bathinda people under the leadership of its President Sh. Ramesh Mehta.

All society members had worked hard by heart and made it one of the most popular NGO of the region.
Society has been receiving lot of appreciation awards and state award regularly from 2006 for its unmatchable performance in Blood Donation.

Due to society working now Sh. Ramesh Mehta is also a executive member of Punjab Traffic Committee and Bathinda Red Cross Society as well as Post Warden Civil Defence, Bathinda.

The main purpose of the society is to create awareness among people about blood and eye donation as well as to organize medical camps, traffic rules awareness camps, to distribute blankets, sweaters to poor and to put cold water tanks for general public during hot summer days.

Society has been organising camps/seminars/conferences periodically at various places like schools, colleges, markets, parks, Villages and slum areas.
The society is making all out efforts to popularize blood donation among the general public so that the people donate blood and can help in saving lives of serious patents.

Even all the society members regularly give blood donation including the President Sh. Ramesh Mehta who have donated blood 57 times. Society also got appreciation letters and awards from various Educational Institutions, NGO’s, Government Officials, Religious & Private establishments.