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The Blood You Donate Gives Someone Another Chance At Life.
One Day That Someone May Be A Close Relative, A Friend, A Loved One—Or Even You.
The Blood You Donate Gives Someone Another Chance At Life.

Speacial Request

Aasra Welfare Society is not only organizing various type of camps and function for the welfare of humanity but also helps people at their critical stage by donating blood. Society needs funds for its smooth operations So, donors are requested to give their support to the society.

Functions of Society



Socity Vehicles are used to carry dead bodies & accidental cases.


Dead Body Fridgers

It is used to keep dead body upto 3 days.

Social Media or Our Values

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All the local & national newspapers has been providing a great moral support to the society members by making Aasra’s noble working a part of their newspaper since 2002. Press Media Report contains some of the published news w.r.t. years mentioned:
2002 to 2005

2006 to 2009



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